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First UK-based ID Summer School



Week July 18th to 22nd inclusive.

Presenters will include:

Prof Steve Fuller, Warwick University
Prof Guillermo Gonzales, Grove City College, Pennsylvania, USA
Dr David Galloway, Vice President Royal College of Surgeons, Glasgow
John Langlois, Barrister
Dr Alastair Noble, Director, Centre for Intelligent Design, Glasgow.
Prof Chris Shaw, Queens University, Belfast.
Dr Jonathan Wells, Discovery Institute, Seattle, USA
David Williams, Lawyer

Other Tutors to be advised.

Bursaries / Scholarships are available as appropriate.

In the first instance visit our web site for more details:-


Some thoughts:

I think that, for now, this is a much better solution than slanging it out at school boards. It’s hard to make a law that young adults who are interested in a topic mustn’t be allowed to pursue it, though I’d sure advise discretion. For the vulnerable, even showing interest is a scent quickly picked up by trolls (trollus Darwiniensis), and thus curiosity alone can be a damning indictment and career killer.  The average troll is without a trace of curiosity, and genuinely doesn’t understand why the alert young person doesn’t just swallow whatever is shovelled out to him by a corrupted system. He would show no awareness if Darwin’s Tale changed every decade.

Oh wait. Darwin’s Tale  does change every decade, and he doesn’t notice.

Re school boards: I make an exception for the egregious situation in Texas where the local Darwin lobby, apparently the personal circle of a former state governor, are attempting to make the state school system so much their private playground that they don’t want non-ID theories of evolution (self-organizatin theory) taught because they may happen to be confused by some with the writings of our Bill Dembski (who does not buy into such theories). It is simply a civic duty to escort such persons away from influence in the school system.


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