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Coffee!! But who ARE the Texas schools Darwin lobby?


Having seen what the Texas schools Darwin lobby had to say about self-organization (no, we can’t talk about that in class because students might confuse it with ID), I couldn’t help wondering what they will have to say about say about, oh, convergent evolution.

Maybe it’s just because I gotta write about that today, and need to hear the good word from Brother Charlie again, to keep me on the straight and narrow. Or not.

But all that got me thinking, who are these people? Well, I asked around, and whattan earful!

Apparently, they are a set of people around a former Texas governor , who treat the school system as a private playground for rich people.

Makes complete sense. After all, only rich Texans pay taxes to support the school system.

Oh wait. Lemme check my notes here. It seems that …


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