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From The Best Schools: My Generation

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Philosopher James Barham reflects on the impact of the Woodstock Generation:

“Fortunately, most of us do grow up—eventually.

And as we mature, we finally begin to try to conform our lives to what we know in our hearts is right—what we have known all along, really, in spite of having led bad lives by the light of a deeply misguided moral philosophy.

Some of the worst damage was done, surely, by the notion that honesty can somehow be severed from righteousness. Thus, dishonesty is okay if it helps science. Many otherwise intelligent and well-intentioned people now believe this, and don’t even see that they cut the heart out of the enterprise of science.

There is a savage irony in the never-ending conflict between their woolly-mindedness and their claims to be the ultimate paragons of reason and logic. The very elementary truth that escapes their 'minds like steel traps'(!), is that logic is not, as lawyers put it, 'persuasive', it is 'binding', absolutely binding; non- negotiable. Period. bornagain77 wrote an extended post, enumerating the logically-binding indicators of the theistic origin of the universe, pointing out that, just as mind takes precedence over matter, so information precedes it, that this latter truth is foretold in the very first words of St John's Prologue (In the beginning was the Word); finally placing the coping stone of the latest binding discoveries of the Italian team of physicists, relating to the marks on the Shroud of Turin, unequivocally pointing to Christ's crucifixion and resurrection. This he was obliged to do repeatedly, as for all the impression it made on the intellectual 'partisans du moindre effort', he might just as well have spared hmself the effort. And what was the response? Someone accused him of spamming! spamming....! They must have minds like supermarket barcode-readers, able to accept lots of primitive data, but incapable of making any discursive connections. Axel

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