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Chuck Asay Hits the Nail on the Head


Chuck Asay Hits the Nail on the Head
Colorado Springs Gazette on the Dover case, Tuesday’s edition (9/27/05).

Bob, I figured it was a joke because it's so laughably far from simulating reality. First of all, soup to cells happened in the first 500 million years of earth's history not the 50 million years preceding the Cambrian explosion. Secondly, you really need to reproduce the volume of the primordial soup to have an equal chance of the same thing happening in it again. 60 million beakers of soup isn't even a drop in a bucket compared to all the earth's oceans and atmosphere. Thirdly, volume is no substitute for time in a serial process. Say you want to see how human embryos develop into babies but don't have 9 months to watch it happen. Can you accelerate the process by watching 60 million embryos for one second? Of course not. Embyronic development is a serial process and volume can't be substituted for time. All you'd have is 60 million embryos that are one second closer to a full term baby. DaveScot
Gumpngreen- No offense taken, but I don't understand. Why was that your initial reaction, if I may ask? Bob Davis
Nice work Chuck, pictures really do speak a thousand words! Any way of forwarding this little face slap to some of our 'friends' in the media? petro
No insult intended, Bob, but that also was my initial reaction when I first saw your website. Gumpngreen
Bob Davis, are you crazy? Comment by Benjii No, but thank you for asking. Bob Davis
Bob Davis, are you crazy? Benjii
The MSM has it in for the right, and this is just one of many examples of how they are in the pockets of the democrats. It is outrageous that they focus on the outrageous and ignore the science behind ID. All they do is focus on the shallow, like when they spend months reporting on missing white women and how badly iraq is going, and now on a few lame creationists who think they are speaking for ID. We need some better school board members voted into office around the country who will support ID, not religion and not evolution. In the meantime, we can get back to our science and proving ID once and for all. a modest experiment Bob Davis
I've just heard that Robert Pennock has entered the debate in Pa. Benjii
What can be done in support of our brothers and sisters at Dover, PA? Fer

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