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Critic of Lee Spetner’s Evolution Revolution continues debate at Amazon

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Amazon founder Jeff Bezos must be lovin’ every minute.

Recently physicist Lee Spetner has been back-and-forthing with David Levin over Spetner’s book, The Evolution Revolution.

Well, it’s become quite the discussion now because, as Spetner explains here at Evolution News & Views:

David E. Levin, who teaches in the Department of Molecular & Cell Biology at Boston University’s School of Dental Medicine, wrote an emotional negative review of my latest book, The Evolution Revolution, for the online journal Reports of the National Center for Science Education. He also posted it on my book’s Amazon page.

Spetner replied (See Lee Spetner defends non-random evolution from Darwin lobby)

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Then Levin replied on the pages of the venerable journal Amazon, dialoguing with commenter Les:

I especially like the example of the evolution of the antifreeze gene of Antarctic Notothenioid fish (in part because it’s accepted by well known ID proponent Michael Behe). The evolutionary history of this gene is well documented. The new gene arose from the non-coding region of a gene encoding a digestive enzyme through the accumulation of a series of random mutations that were selected for serially in the context of a cooling Antarctic. The antifreeze gene is now essential to the survival of these fish. So, this is just one well documented example of how evolution increases order (or adds information) to a genome.


By the way, this directly contradicts Spetner’s assertion that there are no examples of random mutations that increase information in the genome.

Spetner replies today at Evolution News & Views,

How does one know that a mutation has occurred and how does one know it is random? If two closely related species have similar proteins or DNA, Darwinists assume the differences in the sequences represent random mutations that occurred in the evolutionary divergence of the species. No one knows that those genetic changes were random — they are simply declared random according to the dogma of the Modern Synthesis (MS).

The MS, however, currently faces intense scrutiny. As a replacement for the MS, some now offer the Extended Synthesis (ES), presently in formation. The ES suggests that genetic changes can occur in response to environmental stimuli. This is what I proposed twenty years ago with my nonrandom evolutionary hypothesis (NREH). But my hypothesis goes further than the ES is willing to go. More.

Over to Levin.

See also: Lee Spetner defends non-random evolution from Darwin lobby: “Lamarck’s theory lacked a mechanism and for that reason was not accepted. The mechanism for the NREH is described in the book and is backed by evidence.”

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4 Replies to “Critic of Lee Spetner’s Evolution Revolution continues debate at Amazon

  1. 1
    Robert Byers says:

    levin should be plucking teeth to earn his pay.
    What does he know about these things?
    There is no evidence of how these fish got their anti freeze ability? if its a change or mutation there ios no evidence it was random.
    Easily it would be in the system to change as needed. a created plan would include that.
    The option of genes having inner abilities to change without selection etc is proven by the changes in mankind regarding looks/bodies.
    Blacks did not evolve to being black. they instantly changed upon migration to Africa. Whites did evolve but instantly changed upon migration to cloudly europe. After language segregation by the way.

    The mechanism for gene change must allow for options. The evidence for evolution/gene change must not be a line of reasoning after rejecting any other options being possible.
    Its clumsy thinking and not scientific.

  2. 2
    Virgil Cain says:

    David Levin is confused. He seems to think that baldly declaring natural selection didit is actual science.

  3. 3
    bevets says:

    I have long suspected *random* mutation is tacit shorthand for “We dont understand what is happening” — similar to *junk* DNA

  4. 4
    Lee Spetner says:

    The mutation that creates the antifreeze protein has been found to be nonrandom and triggered by a transposon (Cocca et al. 2011). This is in accord with my nonrandom evolutionary hypothesis (NREH) described in my book.

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