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D’Arcy Thompson exhibit offers an illustration of the structuralist approach to evolution


Structuralism just means that what can really happen in evolution is probably governed by physics and chemistry, rather than by biologist suggesting why one outcome or another is, in a Darwinian sense, more fit (Darwinsplaining).

Explanations that fit a constantly shifting theory are easy to make up after the fact. Real explanations are hard work.

From Suzan Mazur at HuffPost:

A mini-exhibit in Amsterdam of D’Arcy Thompson themes set up for the public to view by Dutch academics who recently held a private meeting on these subjects, seems clearly anticlimactic to the rich display offered the public at the centenary celebration of Thompson’s On Growth and Form book last month in Scotland.

It could have been a far livelier exhibit in Amsterdam if other relevant science art had been showcased as well. More.

Indeed. But one gets the feeling that the Darwinians in charge are not interested in showcasing alternative approaches to evolution. Too bad because the alternatives are currently the most interesting explanations.

Evolution Still a Theory in Crisis Be sure to see Matthew Jarron’s illustration of what structuralism means. (Michael Denton, author of Evolution: Still a Theory in Crisis is a structuralist.

Royal SocietyNote: Suzan Mazur is author of Public Evolution Summit, an account of the ferment within evolutionary biology.

See also: At public evolution meeting in Scotland, crowd told: “gene” is not an accurate term

Is Nature now giving space to structuralism? *Note: Denton, as his book Evolution: Still a Theory in Crisis reveals, is a structuralist. He thinks that many puzzles of evolution will turn out to relate to as yet unidentified laws of physics and chemistry.


a classic in Darwinsplaining: Evolutionary psychology’s greatest contribution to research is as a line item expense The evolutionary psychology explanation for loneliness is a glorified version of a grammatical trick invented by Darwinists: The use of “evolved to” to mean “is.”

Thank you, please expose the pseudo-science that is increasingly be sought after in many forms to try to fill the intractable chasms of knowledge that naturalistic origin of life hypotheses leave. The prospect of structuralism bringing more coherence to the issue is interesting. Anything to terminate the Darwinsplainingqedlin
December 4, 2017
11:49 PM

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