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Evolution is evolving?

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Evolution evolving Here’s a spring conference of possible interest:

Evolution Evolving: Process, Mechanism and Theory
Churchill College, University of Cambridge, UK
1-4 April 2019

Evolutionary biology is a vibrant field with a theoretical framework that itself evolves. The Evolution Evolving conference will focus on some emerging themes in the relationship between development and evolution. Topics include the evolutionary causes and consequences of developmental bias, plasticity, niche construction and extra-genetic inheritance — all of which contribute to an understanding of evolvability. The conference will feature a balanced program of talks and poster sessions spanning three days, and be a mix of empirical and theoretical work, as well as contributions to the history and philosophy of evolutionary biology. More.

Invited speakers include Alex Badyaev, Renee Duckworth, Laurel Fogarty, Jukka Jernvall, Alan C Love, Joanna Masel, Armin Moczek, Angela Potochnik, Sean Rice and Jessica Riskin.

It seems to be dedicated to the extended evolutionary synthesis, which it contrasts with the “modern synthesis”:

The field of evolutionary biology has evolved, incorporating many new theoretical and empirical findings (e.g. neutral theory, inclusive fitness theory). As a result, today’s evolutionary theory is vastly more sophisticated than the original modern synthesis, which emerged in the 1940s-1960s, and covers a broader range of phenomena. Nonetheless, the most prevalent expectations remain broadly in line with those emphasized by the founders of the modern synthesis, and are distinct from EES predictions.

If you think you can help, they are accepting abstracts until December 1, 2018.

See also: A Unifying Principle for the Extended Evolutionary Synthesis (Jonathan Bartlett)

so too does the story of the criminal 'evolve' when aspects of the lie are exposed as false, and the 'rationalization' of the trespass exposed as foolish. reference RCCF framework for understanding science. Pearlman
Evolution is "vastly more sophisticated" in that they have learned to dance better around all the contrary facts? Fasteddious
As a result, today’s evolutionary theory is vastly more sophisticated than the original modern synthesis...
But still just as mysterious, like the aether. It looks good from far away but like the rainbow it disappears as you approach. Next up- a house of cards that looks good up close but fails miserably under the scrutiny of Vincent Gambino. ET

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