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My Life’s Work Dispatched in a Mere Four Pages

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This just in from a friend of mine: “Into The Cool; Energy, Thermodynamics, and Life, by Eric Schneider and Dorion Sagan, devotes several pages to “demolishing” your contributions, pp 319-322. No surprise, given the ludicrous proposals they make about the origin of life, Benard cells explaining physiology, etc. When they stick to expositions from the great names in thermodynamics, especially contributions to open systems, and energy flow, they seem to be OK (I am not expert!).”

Can someone send me a pdf scan of those four pages? Thanks.

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    mmadigan says:

    “Clausius and Darwin cannot both be correct” someone once said.

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    mtgcsharpguy says:

    Here are the references to Dembski:

    “If Dembski believes otherwise, we invite him to post a response here.”

    “If Dembski is the intellectual spine of this movement his writing favoring a “designed universe”
    offer no scientific hypothesis, data, or evidence for his scientific “revolution.” It is like arguing with a person who comes to the public and says the earth is flat: God told me so.”

    ==> http://www.intothecool.com/blo.....esign.html


    “”Most people–even many who are writing in this group–do not
    appreciate how unbelievably dishonest the ID crowd is, Behe and
    William Dembski in particular. Dembski is really the principal ‘go to’
    science guy for the ID crowd. The one thing Dembski and Behe share with the creationist crowd in general is a deep aversion to the term ‘natural science.”

    ==> http://www.intothecool.com/blo.....-bush.html

    ==> http://www.intothecool.com/blo.....esign.html

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    mtgcsharpguy says:

    Oops, those are blogs. ;-(

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    DaveScot says:

    Dorian Sagan is living proof that the apple can indeed fall far from the tree.

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    mtgcsharpguy says:

    “If Dembski is the intellectual spine of this movement his writing favoring a “designed universe”
    offer no scientific hypothesis, data, or evidence for his scientific “revolution.”

    I don’t think any of these fools have read any of Dembski’s books – they’re loaded with nothing but hypothesis data! Jeesh, the anti-ID ignorance is staggering! These folks are blinded by their “faith”.

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    Benjii says:

    They have no idea what ID even is!

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    Benjii says:

    Can someone explain what the Benard convection cells are? It seems like Sagan isn’t the only one who is using this theory in order to explain biological complexity, Stuart Kaufmann endorses it.

    Somebody explain…

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    Benjii says:

    Do you actually think this is the answer for all biological complexity?

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    mtgcsharpguy says:

    Are you asking me? If so, of course not. Can thermodynamics really have created the flagellum? I don’t think so 😉

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    Benjii says:

    Yes, I asked you. Why don’t you think it can produce such complexity? Why do Bozos like Sagan support this? Is he as naturallistic as his father?

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    DaveScot says:

    “Why do Bozos like Sagan support this?”

    Recreational drug abuse would be my guess.

    If one of these space cadets actually gets some cellular machinery to self-organize in a test tube I’ll eat my hat.

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    jboze3131 says:

    its obvious these people havent read dembskis work. same is the case with behes work, since the post linked above in a comment claims behe and dembski have given no data at all and that each men claim its so amazing that God must have done it. that and they use the term ID and creationism together as if theyre one in the same…two big lies in one blog post. yet, these guys claim bill and michael are the dishonest ones.

    has ANYONE ever heard bill use the argument that its too complex, so we cant understand it so it must have been god? of course you havent. the authors of into the cool falsely assert that hes made this claim…same goes for behe. again, i read posts from both sides and the dishonesty is just flowing from the side of chance as opposed to the common sense remarks from those like bill and behe. they also dont find it necessary to condemn anyone who doesnt support their ideas of the evidence…the authors of into the light make it clear they dont think bill or michael are true scientists, and they say that ID is pretty much the same thing as an idea of a flat earth. arrogance once again abounds in the camp of darwin.

    they also tried to belittle both behe and dembski by saying they were fairly unknown and even mentioned that behe was an assoc prof at a “small” school! and who are these fools? ive never heard of them. do they teach at “big” colleges? are they better “known” to others? is this science or a childish popularity contest? their entire post is oozing with immaturity and arrogance. makes me sick.

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    DaveScot says:

    Eric Schneider: “I tend to come in charging on a horse.”

    A horse running backwards, maybe… 😉

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