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New nature film: The Riot and the Dance


A celebration of creation:

The Riot and the Dance is a two part nature/science documentary, showcasing the vast and beautifully intricate planet on which we live. Produced in a fully cinematic style, the film presents a wide variety of ingeniously designed creatures from around the world in a way that will fascinate audiences of any age. Through a vividly powerful experience the audience is intended to develop a greater understanding of and appreciation for the Creator’s workmanship and personality.

The documentary focuses on some of the world’s celebrity critters (mega fauna), but also draws attention to some of the often overlooked inhabitants of the everyday. From slugs to sharks to vipers and elephants, Dr. Gordon Wilson attempts to open eyes to the glory of creation.

Image 1 There is also a biology text of the same name, also by Gordon Wilson:

If you thought biology was the province of secular scientists, think again: The Riot and the Dance is biology like you’ve never seen it before. With over 130 original illustrations and several hundred figures total, this book is first and foremost an approachable and readable explanation of the basics of biology for high school or undergraduate students. But Gordon Wilson doesn’t dumb down the concepts: Using analogies, anecdotes, and simple, personable language to teach key details about the bottom-line themes of biology, Dr. Wilson gives students handles to grasp the wonders of life on all levels.

Gordon Wilson is a Senior Fellow of Natural History at New St. Andrew’s College in Idaho.


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