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Spotted: Accurate reporting on Texas science standards


From David Klinghoffer at Evolution News & Views:

Zack Kopplin is a self-described “investigative journalist and activist” who specializes in slinging the scare word “creationist” around where it doesn’t belong. His current article at The Daily Beast, where he writes irregularly, is a classic: “Creationism in Texas Could Go Extinct on Election Day.”

At a certain point, in following media coverage of academic freedom laws like these (which explicitly do not mandate or offer protection for teaching creationism or any religious doctrine), you get a little cynical about “journalists.” Or “activists” — once upon a time there was a difference. But then along comes a breath of fresh air — delivered by Tyler O’Neil at PJ Media (“Is Texas About To Weaken Its Evolution Standards?”). Mr. O’Neil read Kopplin’s article, evidently noted that Kopplin quoted nobody at Discovery Institute — other than citing an unidentified “whistle blower” claiming that everything we do is because of religion. (Zack’s hyperlink for more about the mystery source is, unfortunately, broken.) More.

We can expect much more Kopplin in the years to come. When people’s beliefs lack relevance and creativity, they tend to invent and impose narrative fictions.

Zack (“pants in knot”) Kopplin, who seems obsessed with the Louisiana legislation—which has produced few if any scandals not easily addressed—is a walking monument to what is wrong with letting the Darwin lobby run evolution education.

In any event, the science standards witnesses for Darwin-only textbooks in Texas, whom we have covered in the past, are a continuing testimony to the fact that not all museums are buildings.

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