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Coffee! “Scientist creates lifelike cells out of metal”

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In“Researcher says he has created living cells made of metal instead of carbon — and they may be evolving” (Mother Nature Network, Sep 26, 2011), Bryan Nelson reports,

Scientists trying to create artificial life generally work under the assumption that life must be carbon-based, but what if a living thing could be made from another element?

One British researcher may have proven that theory, potentially rewriting the book of life. Lee Cronin of the University of Glasgow has created lifelike cells from metal — a feat few believed feasible. The discovery opens the door to the possibility that there may be life forms in the universe not based on carbon, reports New Scientist.

Even more remarkable, Cronin has hinted that the metal-based cells may be replicating themselves and evolving.

“I am 100 percent positive that we can get evolution to work outside organic biology,” he said.

Funny we heard nothing about it in the subsequent three months. In fact, the current speculations re alternative chemistries of life seem unaware of these studies.

See, for example, Could exoplanets support life that has a different chemical composition?


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The one thing I noticed is that he said, " he created living cells." Well isn't that creation? From ID or creator. Hasn't he shown ( if it's true) that it takes a creator to do it? Intelligent design. Is he now God to these cells" http://patternsofcreation.weebly.com/ MrDunsapy
It's one thing to evolve and quite another for bodyplan type configurations to emerge. Will they? Anybody taking bets? It'll be very interesting to see how far it can develop in complexity if indeed it is reproducing and evolving. What if it develops an "error checking" system as we observe it in real time? That would be something for the books. Kurt_Barlow
". . . may be replicating themselves and evolving." What's with the "may be"? Are they under his bed or in a closet somewhere inaccessible? Just look at the darn things under a microscope and find out if they are replicating and/or evolving. Eric Anderson

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