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Memo to CNN: After the Ardi and Ida pfffft’s, what religion do we join, so we can not believe in your latest babe, Sediba?

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Quick. Say. UD News staff will all join tomorrow.

CNN’s Light Years blog wails,

We knew our story on a possible human ancestor called Australopithecus sediba would be controversial, but never expected more than 1,900 comments to come in.

The post generated some pretty intense discussions involving readers who do not believe these new findings – or any evidence of human evolution, for that matter – because of their religious beliefs.

Light Years, do you happen to remember Ardi or Ida? Ida sucked in the mayor of New York, for heaven’s sakes!

We are past believing this stuff as a social duty. You didn’t know? Why don’t you?

From the CNN blog:
The truth is that there is no simple chain of ancestry with a "missing link" that scientists are trying to find. When we talk about the lineage of Homo sapiens, we acknowledge that there were a whole bunch of ancient relatives of various anatomical forms, some of which are more closely related to us than others.
So there are ancient creatures with similarities to Homo sapiens which they choose to call "ancient relatives." As usual, they assume the conclusion. That they are relatives is evidence of our evolution, but only if we start from the premise that we evolved from them are they our relatives. The subtle point is that religious people are too ignorant to learn about science and that's why we question evolution. It might even be true in some cases. But even an ignoramus who can see the obvious in front of his nose is smarter than the guy who's so clever he's learned to ignore it. ScottAndrews
Where does the CNN blog anywhere say or imply that you should believe anything about A. sediba? The original blog post on A. sediba begins with: "At a family reunion of the direct evolutionary predecessors of our species, there would be a lot of arguing over whether Australopithecus sediba gets in the door." And it's an article on just that - the various arguments going on among scientists surrounding A. sediba. The follow up blog post wasn't saying that all those that doubt A. sediba's status as our ancestor are doing so because of religious beliefs - after all, the previous blog post just got done talking about how controversial A. sediba is among scientists and how many of them doubt it as an ancestor for scientific reasons. It was saying that there ARE those that reject A. sediba due to religious beliefs. goodusername
Crevo has weighed in on the 'latest' ape-man to garner the spotlight:
Media Respond Predictably to Latest Ape-Man http://crev.info/content/110908-media_respond_predictably
Sadly, CNN has become nothing more than a propaganda machine for atheism. I reject darwin's myth because of the evidence, not in spite of it. Once again CNN has insulted people of faith. Blue_Savannah

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