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Natural selection “may have” deleted Neanderthal DNA from modern human genomes…


From Joshua A. Krisch at The Scientist:

Juric and colleagues developed a method for quantifying the average strength of natural selection against Neanderthal genes. They found that selection against individual Neanderthal alleles is very weak, suggesting that our ancient ancestors accumulated many slightly deleterious alleles, which—within their small enclaves—were hardly noticeable when inherited. But once Neanderthals integrated into larger human populations, the researchers proposed, these alleles entered the crucible of natural selection and were weeded out of modern human genomes.

In the statement, Juric acknowledged that population size was but one factor. More.

We actually have little idea why it happened and that is a key problem with Darwinism (natural selection acting on random mutation). In the absence of evidence, it becomes a narrative: A story one can tell that sounds plausible to anyone who learned only Darwinism in school.

Note: For a very long time, the field has also been dominated by a need to see Neanderthals as a separate and intellectually inferior species. Even though th onept of speciation is a mess and Neanderthals have gotten way smarter over the past few years, if we go by recent finds.

Heaven knows where this need to find an inferior human species comes from. The label has been attached to other human groups as well—with much less success if they are stil alive and able to stick up for themselves.

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A deep and abiding need for Neanderthals to be stupid. Why?

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