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DrREC Bows to the Goddess Called “Chance”

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This is really too delicious to leave hanging in a comment thread.  

In my last post I calculated the probability of a poker player being dealt ten straight flushes in a row. The odds are 1/64,974^10 or approximately 1/1.34^48. That’s 1 in 1.34 raised to the power of 48.  If every person who ever lived played one poker hand per second from the big bang until now, we would not expect any of them to receive 10 straight flushes in a row.  I then explained how to use the concept of complex specified information to make a design inference in this situation (i.e., that someone is cheating).  Of course in this case the math simply confirms common sense.

Darwinist DrREC objected to my analysis, so I just came out and asked him if he would make a design inference if his opponent were dealt ten straight flushes in a row. 

At first he tried to evade the question.  But when I pressed him he finally said:  “The player may have been exceptionally lucky.” 

Yep, and the leap from mud to space station designers was also just a run of exceptional good luck.  Chance is omnipotent.   

I am so thankful for Darwinists like DrREC.  He demonstrates so beautifully the depths of lunacy that chance worshipers are willing to plumb.

Why must DrREC genuflect at the altar of chance? Because despite his obvious intelligence; and notwithstanding his high educational achievements, he has a faith commitment. You see, DrREC is a Darwinian Fundamentalist as blindly devoted to his faith as any West Virginia snake handler ever was. And for that reason he is literally incapable of seeing how absurd his statement is.

  Those wanting to comment on this are welcome to do so in the comment thread of the OP.