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AI takes over the world: A parable

controls for AI/Pbroks13

From professor of electrical engineering Karl J. Stephan at MercatorNet:

“For one low price,” the magician said, “I can give you the power to change your servants into perfectly obedient machines. They’ll look just like they do now, but you won’t have to feed them or let them sleep or rest. And they will do your every bidding exactly the way you want.”

“Hmm,” said the king. “Sounds too good to be true.”

“I have references!” said the magician. And he pulled out a sheaf of letters written by kings of nearby kingdoms, some of whom King Minsky even knew. They all swore by the magician’s abilities and said they were delighted with what he was offering.

“Well, all right, how would it work?”

“We have several options.” After looking at the magician’s brochure, the king chose the magic-touch option. More.

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Experts slam EU proposal to grant personhood to intelligent machines

Aw, Facebook, quit blaming AI for your goofs and shady practices One thing to be said for granting personhood to intelligent machines is that we could then blame them for things that go wrong.


Why the brain still beats the computer, even from a naturalist perspective

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