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Animal minds: Cats DO bond with people

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Both cats and kittens showed about the same level of attachment to caregivers as children and dogs did:

The same pattern was found, not surprisingly, in dogs. We are offered some qualifications with respect to cats …

But the qualifications actually demonstrate the point. Domestic cats bond with humans because they are taken at an early age from the kitty mommy who looked after their every need. As the kitten continues to grow, he expects the humans who adopted him to replace her by feeding and protecting him, and helping him keep warm. Why wouldn’t he? And he certainly does not need reasoning powers to be well aware of the value of that relationship and the need to hang onto it.

Whether he “likes” or “dislikes” his humans is beside the point. Did he “like” Kitty Mommy? Would it even occur to him to form an opinion?

Cats are often charged with being “aloof” and“contrary,” and “not especially social.” But aloofness and contrariness are human concepts and “social” requires some nuance. All these terms assume that the cat is thinking about things that he is not, in fact, thinking about. In reality, he does not have a rich inner life, full of complex, abstract opinions. There is a much simpler but adequate explanation for his behavior.

The cat is neither a pack animal nor a herd animal. Thus he is not inclined by necessity toward submission or leadership.

Denyse O’Leary, “Cats Do bond with people” at Mind Matters News
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Can animals reason? My challenge to Jeffrey Shallit (Michael Egnor)

This is a waste of money, anyone and everyone who has owned a cat as seen and heard “the cat adopted you” my first pet was Sheba, A black Persian mix, she was sweet to everyone but it was also obvious she was my cat and I was her human, she followed me everywhere, slept only at the head of my bed, woke me up in the morning by licking my cheek, when she had kittens only ever had them under my bed, we had to lock her in a room we could better take care of her because she would bring them back under my bed. So all animals bond to a degree, cats sometimes show it different AaronS1978
The evidence may be only anecdotal but I think there is strong evidence that cats of a number of different cat species form unique inter-species bonds with human being. Take a look at the following video. It was enough to convince me. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w1sFPqO9tRQ WARNING! Don’t try this at home (if you live in an area where this species lives.) PS This video is amazing but Kevin has got to be crazy. john_a_designer
I would say this is unsurprising research to any member of a cat's staff. Seversky

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