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Astrophysicist: Photons with mass wouldn’t solve the dark matter puzzle

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3-D impression of dark matter via Hubble

He examines the possibilities and decides that photons probably do not really have mass. But even if they did, that wouldn’t help much with the puzzle that we need dark matter but can’t find it:

Even if the photon had mass, and was somehow able to explain the motions of all stars in a galaxy, not just the massive ones, it wouldn’t be able to explain the host of other observations (for example, how could a new electromagnetic force explain the gravitational bending of light around a galaxy cluster? It’s not a rhetorical question – it can’t). In other words, even in a cosmos filled with massive photons, we’d still need dark matter too. Paul M. Sutter, “Massive Photons Could Explain Dark Matter, But Don’t” at Universe Today

If we can’t even find dark matter, why are some speculating on infinities of infinities of universes?

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Photons with mass? That would hurt. It would be like an atomic sand-blaster ET
If SPIRAL cosmological redshift hypothesis and model we would not predict / require the missing dark matter (and dark energy) so safe to assume they do not exist. Yet we do predict the cosmological redshift and the increase of that CR w/ distance! unlike SCM-LCDM where they merely react to the CR w/ the lame explanation of a resumption of cosmic expansion after the cosmic inflation epoch. If SPIRAL it is due to the expansion during that epoch. Pearlman

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