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Brights Protest at Dallas Prescreening of Expelled


Humiliated by a demeaning rap video, their treatment after crashing prescreenings of Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed, and the growing popularity of the Wistar Polka, a pod of Brights was sighted protesting outside of the Stardom Multiplex Theater in Dallas, Texas where a prescreening of Expelled was showing. Details with complete choreography to the tune of “Darwin Does Dallas” is at TheBRITES.org.

Baby PZ should really be wearing a sun hat. What is his mother thinking anyway? If he throws a tantrum she should tell him to sneak into in his crib. O'Leary
I tried to look at this, it looks like it required quicktime. Is there a non-quicktime version, or did I miss something? William Wallace
"He seems to show up whenever there is a pod of Brights." Haha Gloppy. :) DeepDesign
Funny--on my PC they seem to be singing a song. I can just barely make out the words... One time the world was filled with darkness, One time the world was filled with pain; Then came the dawn of human progress, But now happiness has come again! (Chorus) We are the brights! Everything is all right! Let us show you the light! We are the brights! We’re too smart for your old wives’ tales, We’re too smart for talk of God; We’ve got the Science wind in our sails, And all you got is an old fraud! (Chorus) Don’t let your children go to temple, Don’t let your children go to mass; Teach them to follow our example And trade in their incense for some grass! (Chorus) We are the foes of Superstition! We are the foes of fascist nuts! We’d be happy to share some recognition, Except that we really hate your guts! (Chorus) allanius
Dios mio! lpadron
Looks like a bunch of charismatics worshipping. andrew
Whose that guy with the horns?
We're looking into that. He seems to show up whenever there is a pod of Brights. Gloppy Galapagos Finch
I never knew they were all such talented dancers. Look at PZ go! Whose that guy with the horns? ;) DeepDesign

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