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Can you distinguish photoshopping vs nature?

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RomanM has a fascinating challenge. Out of seven photos at:

Which one was not manipulated by Photoshop?

That's OK, UrbanMD, I think you may be right, but I think the lighthouse is a strong candidate - you can get the stunning colors at the right time of day, and with a filter. I think you're right about the rocks. Someone on the website left a comment that the spots on the rocks were too common, or something to that effect. But I'm sure that the rocks pic would be the first candidate of consideration with most observers, which makes it suspect right off the bat. :) CannuckianYankee
Sorry, I read the post wrong. I thought I was supposed to respond to the challenge here. UrbanMysticDee
I'm gonna say the first one is unaltered. If you cut and polish stone right you can get phenomenal scattering of light that could produce an effect like that. All the other images are too perfect, especially the beach rocks. That one stands out in just how deceptively simple it is. It's the one you wouldn't expect to be a fake which is why I am saying it is. UrbanMysticDee
Hello all, That reminds me of the challenge three teams of scientists were given to find a forged Van Gogh amidst a group of real Van Goghs. Each team came up with their own approach in attempting to find the fake. And each team was successful. EndoplasmicMessenger

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