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Origin of Everything

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I would like to direct our wonderful readers here at UD to an interesting new website www.originofeverything.com. Their purpose:

“Origin of Everything is dedicated to providing leading viewpoints, evidence and arguments for both Intelligent Design and Scientific theories associated with the origin of the universe, life and related subjects. Origin of Everything is designed to promote critical thinking and evaluation ascribable to the concurrent presentation of relevant content for each topic in the Science and Intelligent Design sections. Convenient links allow researchers to quickly navigate between sections without loosing focus. Like these theories, Origin of Everything is a work in progress and is continually enhanced and updated. If you would like to contribute, please email ooe@originofeverything.com.”

Please, take a look around, it’s interesting.

Most definitely, Shubee. The main purpose for OOE is to showcase information and open people up to the fact that there are only two possibilities for the origin of everything: self creation or guided creation. There is strong evidence for each, but sometimes one of the possibilities gets eliminated. Addressing your question of Christian creation theories; if someone were to come to the realization that Guided Creation is what they believe, they will then need to take their studying to the next level to figure out how the creation happened. - Within the Guided Creation section, we will look to add sub-sections for various creation theories and well as link to other resources. But the main focus of OOE will be to showcase that there are in fact TWO possibilities and show the best evidence for them. originofeverything
I wonder if originofeverything.com will accept Christian creation theories that are critical of Intelligent Design. Shubee

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