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Coyne: Evolutionary Arguments Not Theological

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Evolutionists agree that their theory is a fact, every bit as much as gravity is a fact. It is not difficult to find proofs for this claim in the evolution literature. On the Internet, in magazine articles, in popular books, and in textbooks, proofs of the fact of evolution are common. In fact they date back to the beginning of modern science (or even to antiquity if one cares to take it that far). And these proofs are perfectly logical—there is nothing wrong with their reasoning. But a proof contains going in assumptions, or axioms, and evolution’s axioms are metaphysical. That is, evolution incorporates axioms that do not come from science; rather, they drive the science.  Read more

I wouldn't think an intelligent designer would put a car battery behind the right wheel of a Dodge Intrepid but they did. Intrepid is a big car so why did they make it a pain to change the battery? Smidlee
Dr. Hunter, Good post. Coyne fails to see that the design could be micro evolution as a layer on other events. Thus, good design would predict the clustering of species as the micro evolution mechanism enables populations to adapt to new environments. But as so many studies have shown and which Coyne and every other evolutionary biologist ignores is that this process is limited. There does not exist one study or example to suggest otherwise. Yes, the anti ID people here are up to their eyeballs in religious fervor. Just look at the kooks over on the methodological naturalism thread. jerry

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