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Creationism? But the term doesn’t make sense any more …


Is there a new term we could use that would make more sense?

John Harnett writes

Science has become the new religion. Those who dare challenge the dictates of ‘science’ are often declared crackpots, pseudo-scientists or just plain crazy. If you deny or doubt evolution, or anthropogenic global warming (AGW), now called ‘climate change’, or the effectiveness or safety of certain vaccines, or the universal safety of genetically modified foods, as compared with natural breeding and hybridization practices, you are called nasty names. These might include ‘flat-earther’, particularly if you deny Darwinian evolution.

It has come to a point now that to be called a ‘creationist’ is a big negative, like you are a pseudo-scientist, or follower of astrology, or witch doctors, etc. Such a person is thinking irrationally and cannot be trusted according to the new paradigm.

Yes, but the term also doesn’t make sense any more.

As I said earlier:

Further to “Everybody you don’t like is a “creationist” these days, it is outrageous how people are just plain poaching the “creationist” brand.

It was bad enough that people called Mike Behe a creationist (Stephen Jay Gould did), even though Behe doesn’t think acts of creation occurred. Same thing happened to Platonist Michael Denton and, oh yeah, agnostic David Berlinski.

They caught the creationist cooties, somehow. Big “today in science” thesis in that, doubtless.

Then atheist mathematician Peter Woit got called a creationist because he thinks multiverse nonsense is, well,nonsense. As we said at the show trial, “creationist” is the new skeptic.

But now, even Gould is a “creationist” because he doubted crackpot Darwin theories of race. So are all the progressives who have persecuted creationists.

If I were a stock broker, I would advise “Have some ‘creationists’ in your portfolio.”

Update: Jerry Coyne called Simon Conway Morris a creationist in 2009.

Brio (spirit) matics (willing). I'm trying to look for a word that covers God breathing life into us and that's the key difference between life and non-life. Rachael
From what I can gather, the word "creationist" means "one who can properly assess the evidence". Joe
Creationist is excellent word to define people on origin issues. Its taps into the idea of a creator/thinking being created the universe etc. Then bring in speciation. YEC, ID, the rest, If someone like Berlinski is only attacking some conclusions in origin issues then just say that. He is not a creationist. Just spots errors like creationists. Intellectual paths would be crossed if evolution was wrong. A line of reasoning. Creationism has enough people to strut around proudly. We don't need thumbs up by everyone or a majority or enough of the educated classes. they need to beware of being the dumb guys in history. really!! Robert Byers

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