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Darwin troll declares victory over software engineer


Readers who have been following the episode where microbiologist/software engineer Kas Thomas had a look at the glaring weaknesses in Darwinian theory, bringing a sizable mob of Darwin’s trolls out of their caves: About 736 comments later, Thomas must have stopped responding. The top comment now reads,

It’s pretty obvious Kas has bailed. If I embarrassed myself as badly as he did with his Creationist anti-science nonsense I’d probably want to cowardly slink away too.

In some quarters, it is called having a responsible job to attend to.

What Thomas learned, as he indicates, is that Darwin fills a non-rational need in the lives of some. There is no way to discuss the shortfall between current Darwinian theory and what we know of how evolution works in any venue they can get control of. (That includes the tax-funded school system, of course, and surprising numbers of universities*.)

The microbiology doesn’t matter much in the long run, once those people are alerted to a threat to their worldview.

The most useful thing Thomas can do at this point is to desist from arguing with Darwin’s trolls. Instead, read the work of the Altenberg 16, dissenting evolutionary biologists who are not design advocates. He should also have a look at atheist philosopher Jerry Fodor’s What Darwin Got Wrong, agnostic philosopher David Stove’s Darwinian Fairy-tales, and atheist philosopher Thomas Nagel’s Mind & Cosmos: Why the Materialist Neo-Darwinian Conception of Nature Is Almost Certainly False.

Darwin's Doubt If he wants to read a book from a design perspective, he should definitely look at Steve Meyer’s Darwin’s Doubt, still no. 2 at Amazon in paleontology.

There is a serious conversation going on. But you have to go somewhere quiet to find it. That excludes the trolls by definition.

* One issue at universities today is that, due to freezes on tenure, the least creative thinkers may have it, and the most creative thinkers may not.

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Calling Timmy "Hootie" Horton a troll does a disservice to trolls. Joe
Yes, shouting people down is a crude strategy but it clearly works or some people wouldn't do it. As master apologist C S Lewis wrote somewhere 'Some people don't want answers, they only want to wear you out. When you answer them, they just change their ground.' Thankfully there is a model, and that is to respond twice or perhaps three times and then walk away leaving one's pearl on the ground in case any swine has second thoughts and decides to pick it up. The sound of Darwinians singing each other an undeserved victory chant after you give up responding to their dull and often refuted slogans is depressing but like the ingratitude of a teenage offspring it must be endured as the long suffering parent having done what they can, holds their peace and hopes for a change of heart. Etienne
Funny YEC video Hitler Questions Evolution https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rgsCrEk6xCg#t=24 bornagain77

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