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Darwinists may be paying a price for pop science celebrity: Jeffrey Epstein


The late Jeffrey Epstein cultivated a lot of people, including Darwinists who were pop science faves:

On FEB 20, 2002 Epstein Flew from JFK to MRY (Monterey, CA) with the following people: (Many names misspelled and or omitted corrected and noted by italic emphasis) …

Daniel C. Dennett- Center for Cognitive Studies – Tufts University Richard Dawkins– Author ” The God Delusion” and Prof. Oxford University …

Vox Day, “Dawkins and Dennett connected to Epstein” at Vox Popoli

This item gives the sense of it:

It’s summer 2010, and Jeffrey Epstein has just returned to New York City after serving out an 18-month sentence in Palm Beach, Florida, including parole, for soliciting prostitution from a minor. He’s hosting dinner at his townhouse on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. To his left is John Brockman, the literary superagent who seems to represent every scientist who’s ever written a bestselling book (Daniel Dennett, Richard Dawkins, Jared Diamond, Daniel Kahneman, and so forth). Brockman has brought along a client—a young professor whose line of research interests Epstein. Across the table, and to Epstein’s right, is an aspiring fashion model and her companion.

There’s no cross-talk or conversation between these pairs of guests; it’s more like Epstein has convened two separate interactions for his private entertainment, and these just happen to be coinciding both in time and space. “He would alternate between us,” recalled the professor, who asked that his name not be included in this story.

Daniel Engber, “The “Girls” Were Always Around” at Slate

Over at Darwinian evolutionary biologist Jerry Coyne’s blog, Steven Pinker, also an Epstein guest at one time, talks about it: “I think the dislike was mutual—according to a friend, he ‘voted me off the island,’ presumably because he was sick of me trying to keep the conversation on track and correcting him when he shot off his mouth on topics he knew nothing about. But Epstein had insinuated himself with so many people I intersected with (Alan Dershowitz, Martin Nowak, John Brockman, Steve Kosslyn, Lawrence Krauss) and so many institutions he helped fund (Harvard’s Program in Evolutionary Dynamics, ASU’s Origins Project, even Harvard Hillel) that I often ended up at the same place with him. (Most of these gatherings were prior to the revelation of his sex crimes, such as the 2002 plane trip to TED with Dawkins, Dennett, the Brockmans, and others, but Krauss’s Origins Project Meeting came after he served his sentence.)”

Epstein seems to have gone out of his way to cultivate such people but in the place where he ended up their influence could not save him. They must be wishing now that they had never accepted his invitations to anything. Or never received any.

Hat tip: Ken Francis, co-author with Theodore Dalrymple of The Terror of Existence: From Ecclesiastes to Theatre of the Absurd

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Jeff Epstein’s cultural dumpster fire spreads to ID vs. evo controversies. Just because people are in the news doesn’t mean they did anything. It rather shows how a bad actor can change the news picture.

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Bob O'H:
I’m not aware that Epstein had any children, so that’s not a very good Darwinist approach to life.
Talk about being clueless. Reproduction is NOT the only way to have a Darwinian approach to life. ET
Bob @ 3 It's the Darwinists that preach overpopulation. They celebrate a declining population through any means possible. To have no children is very much a part of the selfishness that permeates the very heart of Darwinists. Darwinists believe in survival of the fittest and the strong are meant to dominate the weak. BobRyan
BobRyan @ 1 -
[Epstein] was acting like the Darwinist that he was. The strong dominate the weak. That is nature and that is precisely what Darwin argued for.
I'm not aware that Epstein had any children, so that's not a very good Darwinist approach to life. Bob O'H
They must be wishing? Nonsense. They chose to be "cultivated". They chose to go along with a stranger on his private plane to his private island. Rich people have security staff who can check out the reputation of strangers. We can be sure they KNEW what they were getting into. polistra
If absolute morality does not exist, then Darwinists cannot say Epstein was wrong. Only those that have an absolute moral compass can truly believe he was wrong. He was acting like the Darwinist that he was. The strong dominate the weak. That is nature and that is precisely what Darwin argued for. If humans are nothing more than animals, then no one can judge a person for acting like an animal. BobRyan

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