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Darwin’s alt right is back, dumping Christianity now


Not just dumping on it. We get mail, only some of which we can quote*:

At a recent alt-right meet up in Boston, a number of young alt-righters noted how they’ve given up on Christianity and have converted to neo-paganism (Asatru Folk Assembly). Their complaints about Christianity were as follows:

… You have literal cuckolds adopting blacks and you have weak girly men crying about the need not to deport 3rd world invaders. This religion, they maintain, is a disgrace for any man with a healthy testosterone level.”

What happened? One professor of evolutionary psychology and religion, in a forthcoming book, argues that mainstream Christianity has been overtaken by girly men. It’s undergone a selection process where more manly men have left leadership positions so all that’s remaining are cuckolds.

So they no longer claim to be Christians. Hold that thought, guys.

Fake news? Well, there is an Asatru Folk Assembly. A Google search and a search on suggested links seem to show that these people are out there. Here and here, for example.

Anyway, in the battle between Darwinism and Christianity, these former Christians have clearly decided to be Darwinists—a choice many mainstream Christian groups have not yet confronted. So if the question comes up where you are, save this link.

* Miss Manners is, apparently, not alt right.

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The alt right, Donald Trump, and – oddly enough – Darwin. Anyone not committed to Darwinian survival of the fittest cannot be ‘alt right’.

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Even Jesus attributed it to ignorance. Mung
I am proud to be a follower of Jesus Christ and I welcome the hatred that comes with it. They did much worse to my Lord. Truth Will Set You Free
"literal cuckolds" And besides all that, he does not appear to know what the word "literal" means. Barry Arrington

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