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Did the Neanderthals have a cult going 130,000 years ago?

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About the golden eagle. And they got others to buy into it?

The golden eagle seemingly was a bird of special importance to the Neanderthals. It’s the bird of prey they captured most frequently, and the way it was butchered indicates that it wasn’t sought out purely for food. Importantly, the discovered golden eagle wing bones have cut marks along them. Wing bones contain little meat, so the idea is that what was being sourced were their feathers. Additionally, the bones also contain cut marks between the legs and feet, a sign that the Neanderthals were removing claws and talons. Golden eagle jewelry specifically hasn’t been found, but white-tailed eagle jewelry has, so it’s likely the feathers served a similar purpose…

Co-author Stewart Finlayson, Ph.D., the director of the natural history department at the Gibraltar National Museum, tells Inverse that catching eagles for feathers and talons “suggests symbolic capacities not previously ascribed to Neanderthals.” Sarah Sloat, “Neanderthals May Have Taught Humans to Join a “Cult” 130,000 Years Ago” at Inverse

Okay, “cult” isn’t a designation of praise but it’s way better than how the Neanderthals were thought of in the past. Anyway, we are told that the birds used to snatch Neanderthal children.

Now it is the bird you should worry about.

An article on Neanderthal eagle jewelry here. (Revenge?)

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Smithsonian belatedly asks, What do we really know about Neanderthals? What do we know? Well, we know what the science establishment has told us, that’s what. Previously, the science establishment spent a lot of time looking for the Darwinians’ subhumans. At all times, thin on the ground, it would seem. So they drafted the Neanderthals because, well, they were there. Now it seems, they have discharged them.

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