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Engineering and Metaphysics Post-Conference Wrap-Up


Several UD members joined in on the Engineering and Metaphysics 2012 Conference. The conference was not ID-specific, but it was welcoming to ID-oriented content. The goal of the conference was to look at engineering from a wider perspective, and see how engineering, philosophy, science, and theology can all help each other. There were 11 talks, on topics ranging from architecture to search algorithms and from the physicalism/dualism debate to the problem of natural suffering. It had participants from Canada, the East Coast, the West Coast, and Middle America. Theological perspectives included evangelical, pentecostal, catholic, mainline, agnostic, and Messianic Judaism.

The conference was a great success, and I believe we will be doing several more in a similar fashion. There is a proceedings volume planned, and hopefully we’ll have more information on that in the coming months. We videotaped the talks, and I will be posting them one-at-a-time here on UD for discussion. I’ll try to get the first video up today if I have time. Anyway, I hope to see even more of you when we hold the next conference!


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