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The Design of the Simplest Self-Replicator


The first video from the Engineering and Metaphysics conference is from Arminius Mignea. His talk is about self-replication, and what is really required for self-replication to occur. Mignea reviews current attempts at self-replication, and shows the minimal structures needed for it to occur.

The slides for the talk are available here.


The presentation makes some points that are relevant for the Origin of Life (OOL) research. The scientists looking for a materialist explanation for origin of life need to consider not only the difficult issue of origination of DNA or RNA and the origination of the protein manufacturing mechanisms inside the cell. They need to answer equally other important, mind-boggling questions: • How the cell mechanisms for generation of energy originated? • How the cell transportation capabilities originated? • What is the basis of the accurate self-replication capability present in most living cells/organisms? • Is self-replication a trivial feature of the living world? Or is it a super-feature where – for example - the protein fabrication is just one of the supporting features for the self-replication? • How come that the energy generation, transportation, protein fabrication functions and many other functions of the cell work in a harmonious, cohesive well-choreographed manner? Was this perfect and complete set of interrelated cell functions – that appear to be “composed” for an accurate cell replication - emerged by chance? InVivoVeritas
JB: Thanks, useful. I have commented here. It will be interesting to see how the requisties of self replication and their implications for complex functionally specific organisation -- especially when integrated with something that does something -- are explained away as allegedly tracing to blind chance and necessity. KF kairosfocus
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dCqb_hyFHEA JGuy
Need to decrease the width of the video in the iframe; the right side is cropped off. I'm on chrome on Windows XP. JoeCoder

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