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Engineering, Darwinism, IDiots, and Credentials


In this essay Denyse comments:

Intelligent design will prevail when engineers rule.

A woman after my own heart. Engineers know design when they see it. Darwinists can’t see design when it flashes a strobe light in their eyes at increasingly close range (only because they desire not to see it — they hate the light — certain people on this forum will know where that phrase comes from).

Since I am a software/aerodynamics/mechanical/artificial-intelligence/information-processing/integrating-all-of-these-engineering-disciplines engineer, I realize that I have a prejudice. But I also have impeccable credentials concerning discerning design in software, aerodynamics, functionally integrated mechanical systems, AI information-processing systems…

Hey, guess what? All that stuff describes living systems.

But what do I know? I’m just an IDiot. Darwinists are much more intelligent than I. I know this because they told me so. And they told me that random accidents filtered by natural selection created all that sophisticated technology in biological systems.

Furthermore, I have no academic degree in evolutionary theory, that smoke-filled room that explains almost nothing of any significance while pretending to explain everything.

Without such credentials one is not permitted to comment on, and certainly not permitted to challenge, the state-funded, official, anti-science-and-reason, anti-religion of Darwinism.


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