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Eric Holloway asks, What is the essential feature of creative intelligence?


Creative intelligence is easier to describe by what it is not than by what it is. But there is a clue in that very fact…

The precise nature of our creative intelligence remains beyond our grasp because it is like the fundamental principles of mathematics:

From all this we can see the hallmark of creative intelligence is to somehow pull principles into existence. But, the trick is, we cannot say how the fundamental flash of insight occurs. This is the fundamental dilemma, and we must pay attention here:

For if we could in fact define how to get flashes of insight, then we would have a method to generate principles. And as Gödel proved, if we can generate the principle, it is not fundamental, and therefore, not a principle. To discover the principle of all principles would cut off the very limb we are sitting upon. That is why the very nature of creative intelligence, though we can catch glimpses of it, will remain forever outside our grasp.

Eric Holloway, “What is the essential feature of creative intelligence? ” at Mind Matters News

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I don't think creativity is ungraspable in the same way as consciousness. The key is PURPOSE. When we break out of a template and find a new way to use a tool, or a new way to shape a material, we are always driven to fulfill a PURPOSE. This pull is basic to all life, and undoubtedly has a fairly well defined neural pathway in our more complex version. Computers lack this essential pull, so they could help by generating a huge number of extrapolations and curve extensions, but we'd still have to locate the one that would best serve our purpose. Dreams and daydreams already serve to supply these random extrapolations, and the conscious decider has to sort and select by purpose.polistra
April 9, 2021
10:37 PM

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