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Evolution: A Course for Educators

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Evolutionist Joel Cracraft’s courseEvolution: A Course for Educators is “informed” by thoseNext Generation Science Standards. That reminds us of how after the 2005 Dover trial, kangaroo court Judge John Jones explained … Read more

PS: I see that over at CH's blog, some are playing at now all too commonly seen village atheist Bible objections games. For one instance, I suggest a check here for a better understanding of the case of Elisha and the Lese Majeste against God and his spokesman who had just done a miracle of mercy to the community by a riotous gang of youths. Had the objectors been sober-minded, they could easily have found this and related discussions, the matter is plainly one of irresponsible objections for the sake of polarisation. I suggest further that Christian Thinktank has many more responses like that, and that a look here at a systematic reply to the infamous evil bible site, will help set many such talking points in a more balanced context. The broader concern is that we are dealing with a basic attitude problem, that needs to be seriously and soberly addressed. kairosfocus
CH: I think we should ask these educators and educators of educators, to explain what they are doing, given the concerns here. Let me highlight an agenda of questions:
1] Your empirically grounded evidence that blind chance and mechanical necessity are plausibly adequate to form a life friendly cosmos, trigger OOL and then body plans (including our own with the crucial linguistic ability) is: ______________ ? [Cf. here on.] 2] Your empirically grounded evidence that things like FSCO/I are not empirically tested, found reliable indicators of design is: ____________ ? 3] Your adequate reason for dismissing the reality of God . . . is: ___________ ? [Cf. here.] 4] In that context [of evident evolutionary materialism], your grounding of the credibility of the human ability to reason and know (note here onlookers) is: ______________ ? 5] In that context, your grounding of OUGHT in an IS at worldview foundation level adequate to sustain rights as more than the nihilistic, amoral “might and manipulation make ‘right’ . . . ” warned against by Plato in The Laws, Bk X, is: _______________ ? [Onlookers, cf. here and here for why this is absolutely important.) 6] Your best explanation for the minimal facts at the historical foundation of the Christian Faith is: _____________, and it is best warranted as ____________ ? 7] In light of the above, your best account for the system of reality we see in the world around us and in our hearts is: ______________, and it is best warranted as a worldview because ____________ ?
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