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FAQ2 Is Open For Comment

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FAQ1 has been revised in response to comments.  The floor is now open on FAQ2

2] No Real Scientists Take Intelligent Design Seriously

Yes, they do. For simple instance, in telecommunications work, we start by distinguishing the intelligent signal from the naturally occurring noise that tends to garble it. Indeed, simply by reading this web page, you implicitly recognize that a sense-making message is far more likely to be the result of deliberate action, not noise. But, strictly speaking, it is physically possible – though vastly improbable — for this page to be the result of noise garbling and mimicking signals. In short, you are using a simple form of The Explanatory Filter used by Design Theorists to discriminate chance from design.
Such theorists are qualified scientists, and they plainly take ID very seriously indeed. So, even though many other scientists may object to their work, science is not settled by majority vote. (That would be the logical fallacy of making an improper appeal to authority.)
For, in the end, scientific ideas must stand or fall based on their own merits.