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Finch Foods to Pitch “Primordial Soup” to Campbell’s

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“Our goal is to mutate the world!” says Sloke Dunkin at Finch Foods. More…

Gloppy, I responded to your email this morning but I'm not sure if it made it through your spam filter. Thumbs up on your request, do with it as you please. There's a bigger version in the same folder, and let me know if you want anything changed. Apollos
They forgot to include simulated lightning in the cooking directions (simulated lightning was used in the Miller-Urey experiment). They also forgot to say that unused portions must be stored at cryogenic temperatures. The goo-to-you soup. As the saying goes, you are what you eat. M'm! M'm! Good! Larry Fafarman
This is just brilliant. The label is so beautiful I couldn't help but immortalize it in 3D. Here's a rendered quicktime movie. (click to view, or right click->save as...) Apollos

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