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First Things: From Part of the Solution to Part of the Problem



DNA and Other Designs
Stephen C. Meyer
First Things, April 2000

Science and Design
William A. Dembski
First Things, October 1998

The Unraveling of Scientific Materialism
Phillip E. Johnson
First Things, November 1997


The Miracle of Evolution
Stephen M. Barr
First Things, February 2006

The Design of Evolution
Stephen M. Barr
First Things, October2005

And finally what really got me thinking about the sad slide of a once-great journal.  This appears in the current issue: 

So it is that young English Muslims are bombarded with material warning them of the dangers of Darwinism. In contrast, the Catholic Church and many other Christians have long accepted that the ability of nature to exhibit true creativity does not impinge upon the sovereignty of God. . . . This theological judgment allows us today to say that God delegates to nature a creative power that manifests itself through evolution. . . . we must hope that, as Muslims become more influenced by Western thought, they will adopt the Christian view of God’s relationship to nature.

Evolution and Islam
James Hannam
First Things, April 2012

I miss Richard John Neuhaus.  With each succeeding issue the magazine becomes more beige, academic, irrelevant and flat out boring.  RJN took risks.  From anti-war protests in the 60’s to giving ID theorists a platform in the 90’s, he knew how to shake things up, unlike the crop of Darwin accommodationists running the show today.

I have been a subscriber to FT almost from the very beginning in the early 90’s.  Sadly, when my current subscription runs out, I will not renew it.


The materialists limit themselves desperately with their atheism. Secular faith-knowledge forms a continuum with sacred faith-knowledge, which is evidently why atheism has been so sterile in terms of producing the great, uniquely ID believing paradigm-changers, who range from Einstein, the great panentheist, to Judaeo-Christians. The materialists seem to be myrmidons of corporatism, and there is a price to pay for venality. Axel

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