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Free LIVE Interactive Webinar With Dr. Jonathan Wells Today, Saturday, at 3pm Eastern

Discovery Institute’s Dr. Jonathan Wells will beImage may contain: 1 person, eyeglasses and closeup presenting to my LIVE “Apologetics Academy” webinar and fielding audience Q&A today, Saturday, at 8pm GMT / 3pm EST / 2pm CST / 12noon PST. He will be speaking on the subject of “Design Beyond DNA”. I hope some of you can join us.
Please click the link below to join the webinar at or shortly before the meeting’s start time:
Doing so will immediately prompt you to download the Zoom webinar platform we use (if you have not already done so). This should only take a minute or two. You will then be automatically connected to our webinar room.
Skeptics are welcome, and there will be plenty of opportunity to engage and interact with the speaker.
Dr. Wells’ presentation - occasioned by one of the periodical webinar on-line organized by Jonathan M – was very interesting and educative. One of the main points was that that the design of the living organisms is evident and undeniable by the presence and involvement of the DNA – the code carrying genetic information in living organisms. The design was farther evidenced by the multi-layer information transformation: “DNA makes RNA, RNA makes proteins” that used to be the central dogma in biology. Dr. Wells argued convincingly that this dogma is now obsolete since each of the information transformations: DNA makes RNA; RNA makes proteins; is significantly more complex – i.e. more sophisticated design involved – because there are additional elements (with associated pieces of information) that intervene in each transformation. Another essential element in the presentation was that although DNA, RNA and proteins play a certain role in embryo and organism body development, research showed that there are other elements: 3-dimensional cell markers and electric fields that play a fundamental role in embryo/body development elements that are independent of genetic code (DNA). Dr. Wells emphasized that there are many other design elements besides the DNA that control development and these elements mean additional levels of information that drive development. The scientists are working for decades trying to clarify the complex processes and design that control and orchestrate the organism development from a fecundated ovum. The relational theory and the category theory were proposed by biologists and mathematicians in an attempt to figure out what drives the exquisitely complex and well-coordinated steps in the embryo and body development. The webinar was well attended by what appears was a large number of interested persons. Dr. Wells gave well-thought and illuminating answers to many questions raised from attendees even if many of the issues were not exactly related to the topic of the webinar. The presentation was very informative with the main thesis well-supported and persuasively presented. I enjoyed the on-line, easy-to-participate form of the seminar which sentiment I am sure was shared by many participants. I believe many will find the presentation valuable if made available on-line. InVivoVeritas

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