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Guy seeks to correct misconceptions about ID – at Darwin pressure group blog

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Remember First Things? It is an ecumenical Christian publication, originally founded by Fr Richard Neuhaus (1936–2009). He had enough sense to see that Darwinism is the creation story of materialist atheism, and he often featured work by ID theorists arguing against it.

After his death, the publication started to degenerate into the usual Christian thinkcrawl* and sure enough, published not only an attack on intelligent design theory but an entirely incompetent one at that. (Arrington: “ It is hard to say whether the piece is more vicious or more muddleheaded.”)

Well, it was certainly a way of demonstrating that the old lion is indeed dead. However it happened, the editors then published a piece that corrected some of the errors.

The author of the correction piece, editor Stephen Webb, who seems to be a person of genuine good will and intellectual curiosity, then went to the U.S. Darwin-in-the-schools lobby’s blog, to a post discussing the affair, signed in and commented, as per here –  with results that familiarity will lead one to expect.

Give the guy credit for patience as well as clearheadedness.

* =  thinking while crawling – having learned their lesson from the fate of those who tried to bust the materialist racket – and sometimes denouncing such persons for pretended heresies.

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On that NCSE blog I have evolutionists telling me that blind watchmaker evolution is a strawman I created. And no one from the NCSE has stepped in so I just posted several references to support my claim. Still waiting for a response but the first time I did that I was told I am misreading the references (by taking them word-for-word). Joe
Thanks for the article ayearningforpublius. julianbre
I also have had experiences with NCSE. Read my latest problem I have with that organization here at: http://ayearningforpublius.wordpress.com/2014/04/05/biological-information-new-perspectives-a-synopsis-and-limited-commentary-my-limited-review-of-this-synopsis-and-limited-commentary-dont-be-intimidated-by-this-title/ ayearningforpublius

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