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Hilarious Expelled Advertisement on The Science Channel


I was watching the science channel last night, sort of in the background as I was combing gobs of winter fur out one of my dogs, and I saw or heard “Expelled” pop up on the screen. I saw a shot of Ben Stein walking out of a science classroom and going down the hall to sit on a bench outside the principle’s office. Another “kid” was sitting there too. The other kids says to Stein “So what did YOU do wrong?” Stein deadpans “I made a movie”.

Premise is doing a GREAT job with this. Anyone who thinks they’re incompetents is in a state of denial.

And here it is…

AussieID: "but it will be interesting to see whether it gets a nomination (it will certainly be KNOWN!) before even considering its weight against other nominees" I don't know is there is a contender, though. Certainly, there isn't much out there as far as my limited knowledge is concerned... JPCollado
Personally, I hope the movie doesn't get nominated as that would only solidify the consistency that there is no room for theories of Intelligent Design and that Darwinists who compromise about a fraction of society have the flow control of what gets taught, what doesn't, what gets nominated, and what doesn't, who gets tenured and who doesn't etc... It would only be in the norm that this movie is further attacked, ridiculed and belittled with scare tactics and lawsuits. This would establish the correlation the movie itself presents. The Darwinists would have done much better if they kept quiet, instead, the Darwinists chose the route which puts them into a position in the publics "eyes" that confirms Expelled tactics even before the movie is released. To the greater benefit, the outcome is more publicity for Expelled and in essence more budget for lawsuits as a back-up. godslanguage
I plan on taking my kids to picket the Star Multiplex theater here in Hoople. Academic freedom does not apply to those who are wrong. Gloppy Galapagos Finch
I plan on taking my kids to see it. Barb
This movie is going to have a HUGE impact. Darwinism will be brought into question like never before. Dawkins will have to spend a lot of time on Bill Maher to try and fix things up after this one. shaner74
Interesting thoughts, Apollos and bFast. Step 1: Start singing, "Always look on the bright side of life ..." If it doesn't get a nomination, I will be surprised (not slit-my-wrists rejected) but with the hype and seeming interest raised it certainly will be one of the most talked about movies of this genre in this year, ala Michael Moore's 'Bowling for Columbine'. Agree or not with the contents of Moore's movie, it stirred and shook many people ... and won him an award. If it doesn't win, well ... it didn't win. The post-Award banter would be priceless though: "See! Expelled didn't win so it mustn't be true!" How true is my crystal ball? All will be revealed soon... AussieID
Yes, yes … I know I’m way ahead of myself, but the Academy Award for Documentary Feature must be in some minds over at Premise Media.
You honestly think the scientific establishment would permit the Acadamy to do this? Like get real. If the movie wins an Oscar, then the premise of the movie, that ID is flatly rejected, is falsified, isn't it? Don't think what you just thought. Nooo! The scientific community isn't that bright. bFast
"...but it will be interesting to see whether it gets a nomination...
I wouldn't be surprised if it's snubbed altogether. Of course, I also wouldn't be shocked to see a new documentary film category: Best Documentary Featuring Creationist Propaganda. It would be par for the course. Apollos
It looks like the foul mouthed ERV is admitting that DaveScot was right. William Wallace
Yes, yes ... I know I'm way ahead of myself, but the Academy Award for Documentary Feature must be in some minds over at Premise Media. I realise that this is what could arguably be seen as the most controversial award area, but it will be interesting to see whether it gets a nomination (it will certainly be KNOWN!) before even considering its weight against other nominees. The great thing about the Academy Awards for me is not the actual kudos associated with the awards, but rather the rebirthing in the public eye of movies that have been and been seen in the movie theatres already. Another mention through Award nominations means more knowledge and broader acknowledgement amongst the movie-watching masses. Another bite of the cherry ... VOTE 1 - Expelled AussieID
Hehehe. Check out the loons at the youtube page-- a ton of personal insults, one guy claiming that "scientists made life in a lab years ago!"-- only to be corrected by someone who says "No, they made the building blocks in the lab from a sterile environment"-- I seem to recall that the stuff they guessed as the building blocks and tested were proven to NOT be what was around, many years back? Foxfier
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This is a fantastic ad; I had to watch it twice. The faces of the classmates after Ben says "Intelligent Designer" is priceless. Apollos
I'll tell you Davescot what’s really funny about this is that the clip with PZ Meyers, where he’s psychotically talking about eliminating God and reducing religion to nothing but knitting--- this is in my opinion maybe worse for young kids to see then pornography in a certain traumatic sense. Yet, the smart producers of this flick have managed to get it a PG rating. This f course makes it even more widely accessible. And what can the other side argue against the rating... "no this material is too offensive and heavy for a young audience? Ha, they are the ones demanding that these views get taught in all the schools already. Of course only when the parents of the kids aren't around to hear it and see it. Here it is for the world to see. The other side of the Nazi propaganda. Our side, "ID" in living color on da big screen. Thank God for capitalism. Frost122585
R.I.P. atheism/mateialism/Darwinism Leo Hales
They've been running spots on the Hallmark channel as well. Charles
This is getting funny. Not long ago the chance worshippers were wondering if Expelled had a big enough budget to licence teh Bad To The Bone music. Now it's looking more like a documentary category killer. In other words it's all like "we own the space". I wonder when it'll make it to HBO and after that probably FOX broadcasting. DaveScot
Good Lord, that is a great commercial. I was pretty dispassionate about this movie previously, but something about the presentation of that commercial just piqued my interest - at least by the trailer, it's not at all approaching the subject in a way I expected. nullasalus
I'll be taking my kids to see it this weekend. todd
Excellent - Smithers, release the hounds! I watched it, and Premise is indeed running a smart and extremely well-produced campaign. I am really looking forward to this movie. selectedpete
It's the "New Supertrailer" dave is referring to: www.expelledthemovie.com/playground.php Granville Sewell
Any chance of finding a clip of this? I am blogging at www.selectedpete.com and would like to include a feed. selectedpete

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