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Hossenfelder, did you know that, for some, the search for dark matter is an act of faith?

3-D impression of dark matter via Hubble

Couldn’t help thinking of theoretical physicist Sabine Hossenfelder’s question, “Could the problem with dark matter come down to using wrong equations?”

What if, for some, it’s an act of faith?

“My sense,” I say to Christopher, “is that the search for dark matter has produced an elaborate, delicate edifice of presuppositions, and a network of worship sites, also known as laboratories, all dedicated to the search for an invisible universal entity which refuses to reveal itself. It seems to resemble what we call religion rather more than what we call science.”

“I grew up as a very serious Christian,” Christopher says. “Then I lost my faith almost entirely when I found physics. Now that faith has returned, but in a much-changed form. It’s true that we dark-matter researchers have less proof than other scientists in terms of what we seek to discover and what we believe we know. As to God? Well, if there were a divinity then it would be utterly separate from both scientific enquiry and human longing.” …

“No divinity in which I would wish to believe would declare itself by means of what we would recognize as evidence.” He gestures at the data read-out. “If there is a god, we should not be able to find it. If I detected proof of a deity, I would distrust that deity on the grounds that a god should be smarter than that.”

Robert MacFarlane, “Is the Search for Dark Matter an Act of Faith?” at Nautilus

With the dark matter project, it may be difficult to separate the science from the religion.

Note: Sabine Hossenfelder is the author of Lost in Math: How Beauty Leads Physics Astray.

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I think dark matter is just fake science, not unlike CO2-caused climate change, wormholes, black holes, string theory, parallel universes, time travel and dark energy. I will go out on a limb and put gravitational waves in the same bag of scams. It's all Star Trek voodoo physics, very expensive welfare for physicists. FourFaces
I don't know if you want to be heaping such praise on Sabine Hossenfelder. Here's something she said a few years ago: "Before we can talk about whether God exists, I have to be clear what kind of god I am talking about. I am talking about the old-fashioned personal god, the one who listens to prayers, and tells you how to be a good person, and who sorts the good from the bad in afterlife, and so on. Some variants of this god are in actual conflict with evidence. Say, if you believe that evolution does not happen, or that praying cures cancer, and so on. If you want to defend such beliefs, you are in the wrong channel, good bye." DerekDiMarco

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