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Human Zoos documentary discussed on Chicago TV


Here, at Change with Ted Williams III:

Dr. John West from the Discovery Institute and Dr. Daniel Davis from Kennedy-King College join me for a discussion on West’s new documentary Human Zoos. Human Zoos tells the story of America’s hidden history of scientific racism and the community that worked to counter it. – Ted Williams III

About the show:

It is time for a new voice in the American political conversation. Partisan politics has left most voters disconnected and searching for true answers to the conundrums faced by our nation. Change with Ted Williams III is a new hard-hitting, truthful, and informative political talk show from an independent perspective. Host Ted Williams III, Professor, Political Commentator, and host of PBS-WYCC television’s The Professors, brings an unconventional approach to political talk that is fresh, engaging, and much needed in our current political climate.

Airing Human Zoos: America’s Forgotten History of Scientific Racism is noteworthy in itself. For various reasons. legacy media have never been willing to take the legacy of explicitly Darwinian racism seriously, much as they feature disconnected and useless rants about racism.

From News at Linked In:

Re media: In the last couple of months, anyone who was still paying attention to the mass layoff zone called mainstream media will know that many of their remaining staff have been chasing a variety of Big Stories that have collapsed in ruins. Curiously, a Chicago item was the most recent. Minor celeb Jussie Smollett is accused of paying people to assault him, following a massively reported investigation of an apparent racist assault/battery in Chicago. The fallout from the story suggests that some things have really changed but media are mostly not keeping up with that fact. There will, of course, be some survivors among the media and those survivors will include people interested in what really is happening.

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If the social justice warriors got rid of Darwinian racism, they might do some good after all.

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There is no contradiction in rejecting the theory of Darwinism, which is obviously false, and holding to the thesis that blacks are intellectually inferior to whites, which is at least apparently true. If there can be differences of intelligence between two brothers in the same family, why can't there be similar differences between two races in the same species, generally speaking at least?George E.
February 23, 2019
12:01 PM

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