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I was wondering how Michaelangelo did it…

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A block of Carrera marble and a large crane, apparently.

Didn’t know about the Clorox® either. So that’s why my asparagus never tastes quite right: keep forgetting to add the chlorine.

(HT: Jason)

Music is "one of the most powerful challenges to Darwinism". Right. Maybe someone can develop on this theme. You either have the capacity for the full range of "frequency", rhythm, tempo, etc. for music, or you have a series of noises. How does random mutations produce that? It is music or noise. All or nothing. MatthewTan
GilDodgen, Great music! This is the first time I listen to classical music in mp3. Do you know of any other website where I can download classical music? Anyone? MatthewTan
Dave, Will do. Now go and listen to the Tchaikovsky violin concerto. You won't regret it. By the way, the arts are not off-topic concerning ID. They represent one of the most powerful challenges to Darwinism, and one of the most powerful evidences for design and purpose. GilDodgen
Uh oh. It doesn't take much to get Gil wound on up on this subject. He's a classic pianist who moonlights as a programmer. Gil, this sounds like (pun intended) a good point to open up a new off-topic thread on music. DaveScot
Generally, I feel like a lonely minority in my appreciation for classical music: certainly it's not what one typically hears in public places. So it's a pleasure to see folks express its importance to them. Chopin has been my favorite ever since I was introduced to classical music years ago. Don't know what it is, but there's something in his music that does me particular good. RickToews
Right on, GilDodgen, I love those composers, which also helped me on my path from agnosticism. Chopin is the music of God's Love and Grace. Simply genius. Berceuse
A Quasi-related item I just happened across: This began already in Rodin's lifetime. Armand Hammer records that, on meeting Lenin face to face in 1912, he gave the Bolshevik leader a small sculpture of a chimpanzee in Thinker pose, meditating on a human skull, in recognition of the Darwinist slant of Lenin's thinking. tribune7
Whenever I grow tired and confused by arguments with atheists, a half-hour with Bach reaffirms my belief in a Supreme Being. angryoldfatman
Let me recommend Gil's recordings. I've listened to CDs he sent me, oh, about 700 times. Great playing, good for the soul. Paul Nelson
If so, how did you reconcile your obsession with classical music and atheism/materialism/darwinism? That's an interesting question. In retrospect I realize that music and the piano represented a spiritual outlet for a starved soul lost in darkness. Now I have the best of both worlds, using my music in worship service. GilDodgen
Sorry to go off topic, but I recall Gil mentioning he used to be an atheist? If so, how did you reconcile your obsession with classical music and atheism/materialism/darwinism? shaner74
I was wondering how Rachmaninoff, Chopin, Liszt, and Gershwin did it. http://worldchampionshipcheckers.com/Piano/piano.html I offer no apologies for my classical music evangelism, as irrational as it might seem to be. Natural selection made me this way, so I have no free will, and therefore having nothing to be ashamed of. GilDodgen
Off Topic. Dr Dembski. I am now purchasing more and more of my books in audio rather than dead trees. I have tried to find your 5 latest books on Amazon in audio format, but it appears that none of them are in audio. I would think your books sell enough to warrant a publisher releasing audio versions, and it would be great if you dod them in your own voice. May I encourage you to do so. Gods iPod
The video provides a picturesque and well dramatized refutation of evolution at the most basic level. However, my experience has been that evolutionists do not respond to common sense appeals. As the poor fool wrote in the comments section, "I have only two words--straw man." Intellectual pride bristles in the face of simple truth. It can't distinguish between being simple (reducing complexity to its basic essence) and being simplistic (avoiding complexity altogether. Any fool can be simplistic, but it takes a genius to be simple. Darwinists can never tell the difference, that is why they treat both the same way. StephenB
I found this short 5 minute video by Michael Denton author of "Evolution- Theory in Crisis" http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=3577819226878528733&q=michael+denton&total=221&start=0&num=10&so=0&type=search&plindex=0 bornagain77
I luv the video. I have been getting discouraged when, time after time, well reasoned and flawless arguments fail to penetrate the deaf ears and blind minds of the evolutionists,,Then I see a something like this and it gives me a glimmer of hope that maybe if IDists can be clear (and simple) enough to the evolutionists they will finally understand the blatant fallacy and sheer preposterousness of their hypothesis. bornagain77

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