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Identical twins, it turns out are not genetically identical


Does anyone remember when genetic determinism was a thing?:

Genetic differences between identical twins can begin very early in embryonic development, according to a study that researchers say has implications for examining the effects of nature versus nurture.

Identical – or monozygotic – twins come from a single fertilised egg that splits in two. They are important research subjects because they are thought to have minimal genetic differences. This means that when physical or behavioural differences emerge, environmental factors are presumed to be the likely cause.

But the new research (£), published on Thursday in the journal Nature Genetics, suggests the role of genetic factors in shaping these differences has been underestimated.

Agencies, “Identical twins are not so identical, study suggests” at The Guardian

But wait! This is disastrous news for all the claims about how adultery or bad driving are “in yer genes.” If even identical twins don’t …? Wow. Times, they are a-changin’.

The paper is open access.

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Science has known for some time that identical twins do not have the same genetics. And now science is finding out that genetics does not determine biological form. And biological form isn't determined via genetics and the environment. Well, there isn't any evidence for that. ET
No she’s not I think this was just a miss read the article does start off sounding like it’s not genetic determinism because twins don’t have the exact same DNA And then it turns into we are underestimating the mutations affects And then the scuzzy people like Nancy Seagal are going to worm out of the woodwork and start saying how brave and courageous this is because they push genetic determinism all the time so the only reason why twins have any differences now is because of mutations not because of their environment so it’s all genetics in the end AaronS1978
'News' is getting woker and woker by the day. First criminality is just an 'identity', now twin-ness is just a voluntary 'identity' that can be chosen for political reasons by two random unconnected people. I'm not sure where this is going, but I don't like it. polistra
We have identical twin daughters (33 years old) and to this day we sometimes have difficulty distinguishing them physically., especially when they both keep their hair the same length. This being said, their personalities are very different, one has a lisp. One is left handed and the other is right handed. Steve Alten2
Of course, genetics play a role in who we are, and some things (simple ones, mostly) are primarily determined by our genes. And there are lots of controversies as to the balance of "nature and nurture" in many areas. But modern biology fully understands, I think, the complex chains of external effects on us as our genetic mechanisms unfold: a simple "genetic determinism" approach is outdated. Viola Lee
It’s still pushed it has a hint of truth unfortunately It’s pushed by people like Robert Plomin And Nancy segal AaronS1978
"Genetic determinism" hasn't been a "thing" for many years. Viola Lee
OK I just read the paper and then I checked a few things out this is very old news the study is not, but we have known for a long time that mutations happen in embryonic development all they did was find out that 15% of twins have a lot genetic differences up to 100 which honestly isn’t that much out of 30000 And they pretty much they kind of found a pathway on how it happens due to the allocation of cells during embryonic development be if twin is divided amongst multiple cells or a single cell Nancy segal Said that the study was courageous and brave which made me puke a little in my mouth and caused my reflex to smack her in the face to go off AaronS1978
But the new research (£), published on Thursday in the journal Nature Genetics, suggests the role of genetic factors in shaping these differences has been underestimated. Wait that sounds like the promoting genetics AaronS1978

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