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If you pay taxes in the United States, you should know this about education


In “Forget evolution, climate science is the most controversial subject in school” ( March 12, 2012) Tina Korbe reports.

Little by little, the federal Department of Education appropriates ever more power for itself. (Never mind that the department might very well be unconstitutional in the first place.)

When that happens, the administration will likely turn for inspiration to science standards that have already been developed by several national bodies. These organizations will release a new draft of science education standards in April — and some parents will probably not like what they contain. If you think science should be more straightforward than English, think again. Science hasn’t been noncontroversial since Charles Darwin first forwarded his theory of evolution (and probably before that!). Parents are as outraged today about the way schools teach climate science as they were then about the way schools incorporated evolution into their curriculums.

The problem is that education isn’t propaganda. The bigger the government, the more likely it is fronting propaganda. Because it is not involved enough in the local situation to actually be fronting education.


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