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Is it safe for this 2004 paper to come out now?


From Pub Med:

Evolution by epigenesis: farewell to Darwinism, neo- and otherwise.

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In the last 25 years, criticism of most theories advanced by Darwin and the neo-Darwinians has increased considerably, and so did their defense. Darwinism has become an ideology, while the most significant theories of Darwin were proven unsupportable. The critics advanced other theories instead of ‘natural selection’ and the survival of the fittest’. ‘Saltatory ontogeny’ and ‘epigenesis’ are such new theories proposed to explain how variations in ontogeny and novelties in evolution are created. They are reviewed again in the present essay that also tries to explain how Darwinians, artificially kept dominant in academia and in granting agencies, are preventing their acceptance. Epigenesis, the mechanism of ontogenies, creates in every generation alternative variations in a saltatory way that enable the organisms to survive in the changing environments as either altricial or precocial forms. The constant production of two such forms and their survival in different environments makes it possible, over a sequence of generations, to introduce changes and establish novelties–the true phenomena of evolution. The saltatory units of evolution remain far-from-stable structures capable of self-organization and self-maintenance (autopoiesis). – Balon EK. Riv Biol. 2004 May-Aug. Riv Biol. 2004 May-Aug;97(2):269-312.


The way we heard it, the guy who ran that journal, based in Italy, retired and his successors promptly declared they wouldn’t publish any more articles that questioned Darwinism.

If it’s safe to come out now, author EK Balon might find himself living in a more interesting world.

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