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Let’s lighten up and have some fun

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Leon Cooper, a Nobel laureate at Brown University, … tells all of today’s red-faced disputants: ”If we could all lighten up a bit perhaps, we could have some fun in the classroom discussing the evidence and the proposed explanations — just as we do at scientific conferences.”
— The conclusion of William Safire’s essay Neo-Creo (21Aug05 NYTimes).

I thought we were already having fun. I know I am! And how could Dr. Dembski not, with his Darwin doll and all... Giff
Obviously Safire has no inkling of the importance of Evolution. It's the backbone of all modern thinking and is as well tested as the theory of gravity. If we even hint to 13 year-olds that life isn't an accident they'll then stop believing in gravity and arithmetic. The poor children won't even be able to get a McJob in McDonald's because without understanding gravity they won't know which direction is up and which is down which must be mastered in order to flip a burger. Moreover, after they disbelieve simple arithmetic they won't be able to make change from a cash register. Safire just doesn't understand what's at stake. We're talking the collapse of Western Civilization here and a return to the stone age. DaveScot

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