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Maybe we WILL have to see this film

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You know how people sometimes say, you just gotta see this film; it reminds me exactly of the time I got fired … (okay but we got numerous bulletins from that real-life event… Not that we say that to him, of course… ).

By contrast, friend Thomas Woodward writes to say,

Thomas Woodward

After being told by a half dozen people this past week, “You HAVE to see ‘God’s Not Dead’ — they use arguments and even quote lines from your lectures!”…. my wife and I went tonight out of curiosity, and I’ll say I was very, very pleasantly surprised. Probably the most shockingly enlightened Christian film featuring threads of apologetics I have ever seen (or ever will see) along with fine writing that interweaves story threads… and skilled acting. I was just dumfounded to be sitting in a packed theater (jammed!) enjoying the back and forth between key lines from John Lennox and Stephen Hawking in relation to the claims in “Grand Design”…and between Darwin’s “Natura non facit saltum” quote and the suddenness of the Cambrian explosion. All in all, a stunning achievement to get this kind of film into theaters.

As noted earlier, ignore “Rotten Tomatoes”  reviews from people who feel threatened by intelligent films that do not confirm their worldview. Observe that 17% of the critics liked it but 87% of the audience. If the sheer size of that spread doesn’t tell us something, nothing will.

We could also drop from the “take seriously” list reviews from people who wish to tell Christian apologists their business. As if they really wanted them to succeed.

Then there’s the fun of listening to critics huff that they can’t imagine why Christians might feel stigmatized on campus. The critic needs a GPS. Or maybe he should inhale fresh air for once?

Anyway, God’s Not Dead grossed $5,800,000 April 11-13, 2014, which is quite good for a film about serious ideas that don’t interest the current entertainment industry and its expected fans.

Heck, a film that introduces fundamental physics as something other than a vehicle for crackpot cosmology must have something going for it.

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 See also: Oxford’s Vince Vitale on how God is not dead.

It's the 'little' film that could! :-) Hopefully it will help getting more of these kinds of films made! Blue_Savannah
Good luck to this show and better ones could be made. lots of people can think about these things and be interested. Time has come today to quickly overthrow the old ones. I don't think 15 years will go by but the end of evolutionism a a viable hypothesis will survive. Robert Byers
I saw this over the weekend a I would agree with Woodward, I was also dumbfounded sitting in a packed theater watching the apologetic arguments advanced on the big screen. I have never seen this before, and the audience seemed to love it. There was actually taunting and applause. In the beginning of the film, the professor says something like (to paraphrase), 'you will have to give three lectures defending the argument that God is not dead in front of the class and your grade academic standing etc will depend on it, are you ready for this'. At this point someone in the back of theater yells, 'yup, et's do it!' And the whole theater then applauds and cheers. If you think the soul of America has been stomped out by a Marxist Nihilist culture think again. junkdnathewhite
If the sheer size of that spread doesn’t tell us something, nothing will.
Does it tell us, that most people who've watched the movie were Trinitarians? JWTruthInLove
God's Not Dead: Kevin Sorbo Interview https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=65eeXNMdt0w bornagain77

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