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More Points on ERVs

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In my previous two articles (here and here), I explored some of the background information concerning the integration of retroviral elements into primate genomes and the various arguments for common descent which are based on them. I explored, in some detail, the evidence for common descent based on the shared placement of retroviral sequences. In this final article, I will discuss the two remaining points which are raised in the popular-level article which I have been examining. Read More>>>

I have posted my rebuttal: http://www.evolutionarymodel.com/evolutionnews.htm evolutionarymodel.com
Mung, The alleged ERVs may look like ERVs but that is all. How did they get there? As part of the design for that organism. I read a paper in which they say that ERVs may have actually originated from leftovers of some organism- a true selfish gene (think prions). Joseph
Hi Joseph, If it looks, talks and walks like a duck, it's probably a duck. It it's not an ERV, how did it get there? Mung
Nice series of postsJonathan- thanks. Mung, What if they just look like ERVs? Joseph
So has anyone produced a phylogeny of retroviruses? I mean there had to be some "mechanism" to get these ERV's into the genome, right? Mung

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