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Motor nerves turn out to need “expert guidance”


Left: Motor neurons (green) exit the spinal cord (red) and enter the periphery of the body to connect with muscles. Right: Motor neurons (white arrow) without the guidance of p190 are trapped within the spinal cord./Salk Institute

To find their way to their destinations in the body:

LA JOLLA—(March 22, 2019) Similar to the dozens of Sherpas that guide hikers up treacherous Himalayan mountains to reach a summit, the nervous system relies on elaborate timing and location of guidance cues for neuronal axons—threadlike projections—to successfully reach their destinations in the body. Now, Salk Institute researchers discover how neurons navigate a tricky cellular environment by listening for directions, while simultaneously filtering out inappropriate instructions to avoid getting lost. The findings appeared in Neuron on March 19, 2019.

“There are 100 trillion connections in the nervous system governed by 20,000 genes, of which roughly 10 gene families are known to be involved in controlling axon guidance. We wanted to understand the clever genetic systems nature has employed to wire the most complicated biological machine in the universe,” says Salk Professor Samuel Pfaff, senior author and a Howard Hughes Medical Institute investigator. “Thus, we set out to examine how motor neurons find their connections with muscles in the body, which is critical for our brain to relay information to our muscles to allow for movement.” “Like mountaineers, nerves need expert guidance to find their way ” at Salk News

Paper. (paywall)

And it all happens without intelligence of any kind? “Expert guidance” without experts?

Realizing that people are compelled to believe that helps us understand at least one thing: Why are theories like consciousness is an evolved illusion or a material thing—or otherwise, you and your coffee mug are both conscious—taken seriously? To the point where it is a credible observation that consciousness is a bizarre field of science?

That’s because people who insist on believing that there is no design in nature, that it all happens due to natural selection acting on random mutations (Darwinism), must believe whatever nonsense supports that. And if everyone is a fool, who’ll notice?

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Before you go: Cells find optimal solutions. Not just good ones.

Researchers build “public library” to help understand photosynthesis

Wait. “The part of the plant responsible for photosynthesis is like a complex machine made up of many parts, … ” And machines just happen all by themselves, right? There is no information load to account for; it just evolved by natural selection acting on random mutation the way your Android did!

In Nature: Cells have “secret conversations” We say this a lot: That’s a lot of information to have simply come into being by natural selection acting on random mutation (Darwinism). It’s getting not only ridiculous but obviously ridiculous.

Researchers: Helpful gut microbes send messages to their hosts If the strategy is clearly identified, they should look for non-helpful microbes that have found a way to copy it (horizontal gene transfer?)

Cells and proteins use sugars to talk to one another Cells are like Neanderthal man. They get smarter every time we run into them. And just think, it all just tumbled into existence by natural selection acting on random mutations (Darwinism) too…

Researchers: First animal cell was not simple; it could “transdifferentiate” From the paper: “… these analyses offer no support for the homology of sponge choanocytes and choanoflagellates, nor for the view that the first multicellular animals were simple balls of cells with limited capacity to differentiate.”

“Interspecies communication” strategy between gut bacteria and mammalian hosts’ genes described

Researchers: Cells Have A Repair Crew That Fixes Local Leaks

Researchers: How The Immune System “Thinks”

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Researcher: Mathematics Sheds Light On “Unfathomably Complex” Cellular Thinking

How do cells in the body know where they are supposed to be?

Researchers A Kill Cancer Code Is Embedded in Every Cell

https://www.nature.com/articles/s41598-019-39813-y https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/ Hey guys this just posted our nature involving neural prediction might want to check it out it’s almost a pseudo-knock against free will I’m reading the PDF right now it looks like it has a probability of 58% which is the same predictive rate as usual but it’s worth taking a look AaronS1978
We wanted to understand the clever genetic systems nature has employed to wire the most complicated biological machine in the universe
Question-begging Kool-Aid, anyone? ET

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