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Nearly as many young Americans believe in ET as in God


Says religion prof:

As for why humans might be more willing to embrace this new “religion” of alien belief now than in the past, Pasulka says advances in space exploration play a role — but she also thinks an increasing belief that our planet is headed toward a crisis factors into the equation.

“A lot of people see disaster on the horizon, and there’s a deep fear that we won’t be able to save ourselves,” she told Vox. “So what will save us? Well, for some, it will be these advanced beings who come to us and tell us what we can do or how we can escape.”

Kristin Houser, “Professor: belief in aliens could replace traditional religion ” at Futurism

It’s the topic of her new book, American Cosmic: UFOs, Religion, Technology, whose blurb reads, “More than half of American adults and more than seventy-five percent of young Americans believe in intelligent extraterrestrial life. This level of belief rivals that of belief in God.”News, “Will space aliens become a new majority religion?” at Mind Matters News

The story gets wilder and involves space scientists who are UFO enthusiasts, blindfolds, and all.

As for the kids, if her figures are correct, they should have watched more sci-fi dystopias.

The good news is that there probably aren’t any space aliens out there so they will only have to live in a dystopia they made themselves, not a different one.

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@ET Can’t you see just as many young Americans believe in you as they do God ???? ???? I’m sorry I’m an idiot I apologize ahead of a time you’re completely justified to hit me AaronS1978
@ET I feel you might be biased I can’t put my finger on it I don’t know why you would believe in aliens............... I’m sorry I couldn’t help that. :) AaronS1978
>I guess that the trend is towards the more probable possibility. You have an inexplicable faith in trends and/or the majority (I'm not sure which). I'm glad you weren't a (U.S.) Southerner in 1850. Or 1950. 8-) EDTA
So all of the reports from expert witnesses are lies and BS, then? Ranking members of the US Army cannot distinguish between a weather balloon carrying dummies and a hard unidentified crashed craft housing ETs? Tribes in what is now Colombia just happened to fashion a jet-like object that also just happens to have a flight-capable shape? 100+ ton megaliths hauled by hand? Some up hills? The ancient texts from India and even the Bible read like an ET's who's who. Is it all made up? ET
Nearly As Many Young Americans Believe In ET As In God
I guess that the trend is towards the more probable possibility. Brother Brian
I suggest that "believe in" means different things to the two contrasted focuses of belief. "Belief in" ET means accepting the pop-science dogma that "they are out there", regardless of lack of evidence. "Belief in" God, means ignoring the barrage of counter noise from the media, and trusting the traditions and their evidence. I.e. the one (ET) is other-worldly and theoretical, but somehow "natural", while the other (God) is based on this-world history and its evidence, yet is clearly supernatural. Both are an interesting mix of views. The hopes and expectations of the two are not all that different, but beliefs in God have had longer to sort themselves out as doctrine and traditions. Fasteddious
That’s funny as if we’d listen. If aliens haven’t revealed themselves to us by now, odds are they won’t. I find it marginally hypocritical to that their technology is so advanced we can’t perceive it therefore we can’t find any evidence of them other than stuff that we fabricate But inter-dimensional beings like angels, demons, and God could not possibly do the same given their ability to inherently control physics But if Extraterrestrial beings of intelligence do exist, either A. physics does not enabled them to leave the planet to find us, they are permanently stuck in their fishbowl like us, they are all dead and managed to leave no space trash, they want to have nothing to do with us and avoid us, or their predatorial race that hasn’t found our planet yet and will probably eat us when they find us. (Tyranids I love them;-) ) Used to love all things aliens. For a time, I would go out and star gaze looking for them. But after finding out how many ufo sitings where fabricated rubbish, I ended up being very disappointed like with reboot of the x files AaronS1978

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