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New AAAS prez wants honesty re skepticism about science?


 That’s promising. Imagine: Margaret Hamburg at AAAS isn’t wondering what’s wrong with the taxpaying world for doubting. She is wondering why we doubt.

No, really. She writes at AAAS:

“I would like to better understand the increasing skepticism about science,” she said. “It concerns and surprises me on many levels. I think it is important that we as the science community, led by AAAS, are getting out and learning, talking to people, trying to make sure that we are not a closed community, but one that is truly engaging the wider public.”

Four observation from UD News:

Peer review, is absolutely and totally bust. Retraction Watch might help you get back on track with that stuff.

– Also listen to dissident science writers, not just to cheerleaders. American Council on Science and Health should be in your mail.

– Blow clear of telling people what their kids should learn about evolution – without looking into the real, actual history of teaching about evolution. Honestly, Hamburg, it’s a mess. Racism, eugenics… And people know. You can’t get away with just calling us all stupid.  Don’t. Break the mold. Deal with it.

and finally,

– Above all, see that the single biggest threat to science today is the swarm of SJWs who are determined to make reality into what they need it to be, science is just roadkill and breaking windows is fun. Deal with that and you’ll have a lot of support.

You said:

Quoting AAAS CEO Rush Holt, Hamburg said that at this point in history, AAAS must come out strongly as a “force for science”—and that she is ready to lend her own might to that. More.

But, just to continue a discussion, what does “force for science” mean?

Is Bill (“ice cream cones discover sex“) Nye a force for science? Richard (“cannibal times”) Dawkins? Honestly, we aren’t running a contest here. We are just wondering: Why do people worldwide who are trying to fit into STEM disciplines need this stuff?

Truth is, we’re not short of “forces for science” just now. That’s one reason people are making fun of the concept.

Could that change? Sure.

Over to you, and to our readers!

See also: Historic journal Nature is freaked out over American public school science classrooms – again.

We've heard this line over and over from AAAS, Royal Society, et al. When they say "listening" they mean "hearing confessions of heretics prior to extermination". When they say "understanding" they mean "exterminating". polistra
What "skepticism about science"?!? The only skepticism is about atheistic religion sold as science. These guys are not even aware of their own religion. Nonlin.org

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