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New type of fish eye discovered, with second mirror retina

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two eyes each side

Further to “Deep sea fish uses tripod to ‘stand’,” Phys.org alerts us to a fish with a previously unknown type of eye. From Phys.org:

The aptly-named glasshead barreleye lives at depths of 800 to 1000 meters. It has a cylindrical eye pointing upwards to see prey, predators or potential mates silhouetted against the gloomy light above. But the eye also has a mirror-like second retina which can detect bioluminescent flashes created by deep-sea denizens to the sides and below

The light coming from below is focused onto a second retina by a curved mirror composed of many layers of small reflective plates made of guanine crystals, giving the fish a much bigger field of vision.

Watch the legacy mainstream media rush to ignore this one:

The glasshead barreleye is therefore one of only two vertebrates known to have reflector eyes; but significantly, although rhynchohyalus natalensis and dolichopteryx longipes belong to the same family, their reflective lenses have a different structure and appear to have developed from different kinds of tissue. That indicates that two related but different genera took different paths to arrive at a similar solution – the reflective optics and a second retina to supplement the limited vision of the conventional refractive cylindrical eye.

Convergent evolution in different genera.

And, of course, we will hear that scientists explain that the fish evolved this way *so that it can* detect predators, prey, and potential mates. Like we said before, that is not an explanation of how it evolved, only of what the system can currently do. In this case, two different highly complex systems, convergently “evolved” to fulfil these functions.

Readers, do you ever get the feeling, listening to Darwin-approved news copy, that you are listening to a sociopath on the witness stand in a criminal court case? It’s all specialized terminology for obfuscation of basic issues like “What exactly happened?” “Did you actually see this?”

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Hat tip: Phillip Cunningham

Evidently, BA, a concerted campaign of disinformation. Axel
Sorry. The last three lines should read, 'Great men are an illusion, placed in the scales, they rise, they weigh less than a breath.' From Psalm 62. Axel
No matter how complex the system is being discovered, it seems the credit is always given to evolution (although crev.info has developed a habit of spotting the rare occasions when they forget to insert the code words 'it evolved'). Your observation that it is like listening to a sociopath on the witness stand is spot on. As the late Dr. Skell observed:
"In the peer-reviewed literature, the word "evolution" often occurs as a sort of coda to academic papers in experimental biology. Is the term integral or superfluous to the substance of these papers? To find out, I substituted for "evolution" some other word – "Buddhism," "Aztec cosmology," or even "creationism." I found that the substitution never touched the paper's core. This did not surprise me. From my conversations with leading researchers it had became clear that modern experimental biology gains its strength from the availability of new instruments and methodologies, not from an immersion in historical biology." Philip S. Skell - (the late) Emeritus Evan Pugh Professor at Pennsylvania State University, and a member of the National Academy of Sciences. http://www.discovery.org/a/2816
At the 7:00 minute mark of this following video, Dr. Behe gives an example of how superfluous the word 'evolution' is in peer-reviewed literature by removing the word 'evolution' completely from the text and showing that it has no effect on the meaning of the paper:
Michael Behe - Life Reeks Of Design - video http://www.metacafe.com/watch/5066181/
Supplemental notes:
Fish With Transparent Head Filmed - video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zoygy-8PTtU The Covert World of Fish Biofluorescence - video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aZ3EaLXh3O4 Fish flaunt neon glow - Scientists find extensive evidence of biofluorescence in marine species. - Danielle Venton - 08 January 2014 Excerpt: More than 180 species of fish, from at least 50 taxonomic families, can absorb light and re-emit it as a different color, researchers report today in PLoS ONE1. Caught by cameras fitted with yellow-colored filters, fish such as the flathead (Cociella hutchinsi), found in the tropical Pacific Ocean, become show stoppers. "It's like they have their own little private light show going on," says John Sparks, a curator of ichthyology at the American Museum of Natural History in New York who helped to lead the work. "We were surprised to find it in so many.",,, http://www.nature.com/news/fish-flaunt-neon-glow-1.14488 Various Creatures with Photocytes by Matthew Coghill on Prezi (interactive site) http://prezi.com/cerg_tftffo8/photocytes/
'Readers, do you ever get the feeling, listening to Darwin-approved news copy, that you are listening to a sociopath on the witness stand in a criminal court case?' All the time. Problem is, most judges and barristers would be sociopaths as well, though not all, out-and-out psychopaths. 'Common men weigh only a breath. Great me weigh less than a breath; placed on the scales, they rise; they weigh less than a breath. ' Truth is a hard row to hoe, in a field sown with tares. Axel

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